Whether your business is just starting out, or you run a lean ship and just don’t have the headroom for a full-time marketing leader, it’s easy for marketing to take a backseat to all the other things you have on your plate.

I get it. And I’m here to help.

With over 20 years of marketing experience, I’m an accomplished project juggler, idea generator, fixer, and forward-thinking business strategist. I’ve worked in a variety of industries, marketing all kinds of products and services, and now I’d like to put that experience to work for you.

I will work with you as a temporary — but all-in — senior member of your team to accomplish whatever project or initiative you have on deck.


There are lots of ways we can work together — here are just a few.

Marketing Plans

Where to start? What’s the plan? How will all this “markety” stuff work in concert with other areas of the business? Together, we’ll take some deep breaths, analyze your business objectives, and develop an actionable marketing plan with controlled expenditures (yes, that means budget) to support your sales goals.

Campaign Development

Ready to reach your best customer with a new product or service? We’ll develop a multi-channel campaign to communicate with them and — even better — get them to take action.

Brand Development & Art Direction

Let’s collaborate to bring your vision to life! I’ll help you establish a brand identity, tone, and messaging that deliver the experience you want your customers to have.


Ready to advertise but not sure exactly where or how? I will develop, manage, and execute strategic advertising campaigns online, in print, outdoor, or over the airwaves — whichever mediums fit your objectives.

Content Creation

Even in today’s image- and video-obsessed world, words are important. From the email templates your customer service team uses, to the copy on your packaging, a consistent message and tone establish your brand. I’ll help you articulate your brand and develop content that accurately reflects the experience you offer.

A Second Opinion

Sometimes an outside perspective is just what the doctor ordered. You may have a marketing plan (and maybe even a team) in place, but something isn’t feeling right. You want someone with a fresh perspective to do a “gut check” with you to make sure you’re spending your time and money wisely. I love being that second opinion.


Want to discuss your marketing needs? Contact me, and let’s start the conversation.